Shin Shi Kan Dojo Kun


Hitotsu, karatedo wa rei ni hajimari rei ni owarukoto o wasurezuni shugyo shubeshi.

First, to practice karate never forget we always begin and end with courtesy.


Hitotsu, karatedo wa hito no wa o motte shugyo subeshi.

First, to practice karate we must seek harmony among all people.


Hitotsu, karatedo wa onore ni katsu koto ni shugyo subeshi.

First, to practice karate we must seek self control.


When in the dojo, treat the space, equipment,

and most importantly, each other with


Dojo - "The Place of the Way"

     Dojo literally translated from Japanese means "the place of the way." Perhaps a more helpful translation for dojo is "training hall," however, the term dojo encompases much more than the physical location where we train. The dojo is not just the place, but also the people and their spirit all brought together.  


     The Shin Shi Kan dojo was formally established in 2003 and has grown over time with its instructors and students. Initially, Shin Shi Kan was based in the University of Calgary and was comprised of a small group of dedicated students who enjoyed the physical fitness and the social aspects of the hobby. Eventually the dojo moved to a local recreation center and saw the addition of more children and families. Between 2008-2012 the dojo was on break due to several instructors leaving to pursue professional degrees. In 2012 the Shin Shi Kan dojo re-opened at the Banff Trail Community Centre and continues there today.





Dojokun - "Dojo Precepts"